Amazon Seller Assistant Browser Extension

  • Free, no authorization needed, no setup
  • All data inside your browser, safe and secure
  • One click to copy ASIN, SKU, Title, ID
  • Quick peek of daily sales, pending issues reminder
  • Instantly search your listings inside browser
  • Support Aamzon United States Site
  • Manage amazon listings and orders more efficiently
  • Tens other features, with more on the way
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* For Google Chrome Only

Instant listing search

If you are inside browser, you can search your listings anytime anywhere you want, just hit the keyboard shortcut(customizable in settings) to show the quick search window, and find what you want

Quick peek of daily sales, pending issues

  • Daily revenue peek
  • Pending issues remider
  • Pending messages remider
  • Shortcut to latest orders page

Get job done with a single click

  • One click to show recent order for current product
  • One click to edit current product in sellercentral
  • One click to show parent listing page
  • One click to copy ASIN, parent ASIN etc
  • Show variations summary and details on current page
  • More features on the way

One click to jump from review to order

Finding order is much easier, it just take one click to find a review's corresponding order

Never miss anything important, with the help of notifications

  • New order notifications
  • New Listing notifications
  • New seller headlines notifications
  • New Negative Review notifications
  • Click notification to see details

A more powerful SellerCentral

  • Product images for orders
  • More human readable order time
  • Click to copy order informations
  • Hightlight order under mouse cursor
  • Tens of other enhancements to SellerCentral

Frequently Asked Questions

Which marketplace do you support?

At the moment, only is supported, support for other Amazon sites are on the way, support for eBay Wish etc are also planed, Stay tuned!

What are the requirements for Operating System and Browser?

At the moment, only Google Chrome browser is supported, any OS that can run Chrome Browser is fine.

Will this browser extension work on its own?

Yes! This browser extension is a standalone product. But some features requires backend data, if you don't have a backend that could provide the data, these features will not work.

Will this browser extension work with our customized or internal management system?

Yes! This browser extension is designed to work with any compatible data source, of course, if they can provide a compatible API.